Off Season Moves

Yes it’s that time of year again–the players have all emptied out their lockers at Minute Maid Park a lot sooner than they did last year and most have gone to their winter homes.

Albers3_1Some like Sugarland’s Matt Albers are still playing baseball though. Matt and six others are busy competing in the Arizona Fall League.

Roger Clemens will be taking in some Golf and Baseball in Paradise as he cheers son Koby and his teammate Tony Manzella in the Hawaiian Winter League.

Luke Scott said he would like to return to the Magallanes club of the Venezuelan Winter League. I hope he does. In one year, he’s become a superstar there. But, I’ll let my friend Rafael tell you more about Luke’s exploits in his blog The Space Race.

I would like to concentrate on the speculations and rumors going around Houston and around baseball about free agents and the wheeling and dealing that goes on before, during, and after the winter meetings.

There is so much one can tell from what a GM or player doesn’t say, whether it is the tone they use in a TV or radio interview or the words they use in interviews for newspapers. I will endeavor to "read between the lines" and share my analysis with you as the winter months move along inevitably towards spring training again.

I will post my ideal 2007 Astros team in my next blog. Of course, I realize we as fans will not get everyone who we’d love to have, but we all have our "realistic" wishes and these are mine. Let’s see how I do as the hot stove league progresses and the opening day roster is announced.



  1. Rita

    Hey Rafael!! I hope you don’t mind me mentioning your blog. I hope to post all the scintallating rumors and possiblities swirling around Houston as we get ready for Opening Day 2007.

  2. Rafael

    Hey, I can use all the promo I can handle… lol…

    Best of luck with this blog, and just keep on bloggin’… We need a lot of Astros bloggers spreading the word!

    Most probably I’ll be covering the Venezuelan League, Astros style… So keep an eye on us and on!

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