Rita’s Dream 2007 Roster

As promised, here is my ideal, yet realistic 2007 Astros roster that would have a good shot at winning the NL Central and doing well in the playoffs. 

The Keepers:  These players are signed through the 2007 season:

Lance Berkman at $14.5 million, Roy Oswalt at $13 million, Brad Ausmus at $3.5 million, Trever Miller at $1.3 million, Orlando Palmeiro at $950,000.

I would also bring back the following players still under club control for one year–Brad Lidge at $4.25 million, Adam Everett at $2.25 million, Mike Lamb at $2.25 million, Dan Wheeler at $1.5 million, Russ Springer at $1 million, Willy Taveras at $500,000, Chad Qualls at $400,000, Eric Bruntlett for $375,000, Eric Munson for $327,000, Chris Burke at $400,000, Fernando Nieve for $327,000, Joe Borkowski for $327,000 Chris Sampson for $335,000, Luke Scott for $350,000.  Adding in Jeff Bagwell’s $7 million buy-out, the Astros have a little over $53.5 million committed.

The free agents:  I would sign Andy Pettitte to a 2 year contract for around $16 million, Craig Biggio for 1 year at $4.5 million, Aubrey Huff for 2 years, $14 million, Alfonso Soriano for 5 years, $65 million, Woody Williams for 2 years at $9 million bringing the estimated payroll to just over $90.5 million.  Roger Clemens for one more half season would add $13 million to the final payroll.  If Clemens does rejoin the club mid-season, I’d send either Sampson or Nieve to AAA.  If I couldn’t sign Soriano, I’d take Carlos Lee at 5 years, $60 million.

Traded:  Lane ($450,000), Ensberg ($3.8 million) and Buchholz ($327,000) for a veteran starter.

Back To The Minors:  In my opinion, based on what I saw of them during the season, I would keep Wandy Rodriguez, Jason Hirsh, and Matt Albers in Round Rock for most of the 2007 season barring emergency call ups. 

On The DL:  Backe should be spending the entire season on the DL and therefore, his salary should be paid from the injury-insurance policy.

My Opening Day 2007 Roster:

Taveras – CF

Sorianno – LF

Berkman – 1B

Scott – RF

Huff – 3B

Biggio – 2B

Everett – SS

Ausmus – C

Oswalt – SP

Rotation:  Pettitte, Veteran Starter via trade, Williams, Sampson (if Clemens rejoins mid-season, Sampson goes to bullpen or AAA)

Bench:  Palmeiro, Lamb, Bruntlett, Burke, Munson

Bullpen:  Lidge (Closer), Wheeler (Setup), Qualls (7th inning), Miller (Lefty specialist), Springer (6th inning) Nieve and Borkowski (long relief)


  1. kayleexxx@aol.com

    Rita,Nice to see another astros blogger out there.I love the astros.Although i am a bigger Boston Red sox fan but,i lived there til i was 10 years old which was most of my life so far since I am only 14.Anyways on to my Question What is your logic behind bringing Alfonso Soriano to the astros?Just curious.

  2. Rita

    Kaylee, thank you for the warm welcome!

    To answer your question, Soriano, if he comes for less than $14 million a year is a multi-faceted player who besides his proven capacity for 30/30/30 (home runs, steals, doubles) can play left field and second base.

    Biggio will start at 2nd until he gets his 3,000th hit, no doubt about that, but, having both Soriano and Chris Burke be able to play 2B/LF gives the Astros a lot more flexibility for the future.

  3. kayleexxx@aol.com

    oh youre welcome.Thank you for the answer and I agree.I am sure the astros would love to have him.

  4. Rita

    I’d love to have Molina catching 3 of 5 games and Ausmus the other two, however, the Astros aren’t going to have the $7 million or more that Molina will likely command. Also, Molina doesn’t want to platoon so he’d want to play 4 of 5 games and if Clemens and Pettitte both return in ’07, they’ll demand Ausmus catch them.

    Besides, I don’t think the Astros would want to pay Ausmus $3.5 million to catch one game a week.

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