World Series

It is now less than 4 hours before the players take the field for Game One of the 2006 World Series.  The Detroit Tigers dominated the regular season in the American League and the National League including the current National League Pennant holders, the St. Louis Cardinals. 

Can the shoo-in for AL Rookie of the year Justin Verlander lead his team to a tone-setting Game One victory?  Or will the sometimes faltering rookie Anthony Reyes of the Cardinals pitch well enough to give Albert Pujols a chance to silence the crowd at Comerica Park on this chilly fall evening?

Those are the questions the pundits of the sports world are pondering as they all gather to watch batting practice and interview the stars of the game. 

If you were on the crew for Fox or ESPN, what questions would you ask the eventual MVP of this game?  Do you think it would be Pujols?  Ordonez? Verlander?  Reyes?

Could it be an unlikely hero like Yadier Molina in Game 7 of the NLCS or Alex Gomez who hit a key home run against the A’s when it mattered most?

Although my beloved Stros aren’t in this series, I still have a vested interest in the outcome.  I want to believe in miracles, like the one that propelled the 2005 Astros to their very first world series.  Like the one that can give the first World Championship in 22 years to a city that is starved for it, a city that saw itself called the laughing stock of the Major Leagues because their team lost a record 119 games a mere 3 years ago.

So, if the Astros can’t be playing this game tonight, I say, root, root, root for the home team, if they don’t win it’s a shame!

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