You Got To Know When To Hold ‘Em…

The Detroit Tigers and Jim Leyland obviously knew when to hand the ball to The Gambler. 

Wow!  what a game, what a series so far!  Whether it was a 2-hitter by Kenny Rogers or a game winning blast by Albert Pujols, you have to admit that the first two games of the 2006 World Series have been thrillers.

As the series shifts to St Louis, how will the two team fare?   Can the Cardinals and Tony LaRussa take advantage of the home field sea of red and the much superior playoff experience to shut down the Mo-train or can Jim Leyland and his band of unprobables keep its cinderella story alive? 

Last year it was two feel good stories with the White Sox finally shaking the jinx of the Black Sox and the Houston Astros winning the very first pennant in the history of Texas Baseball. 

This year has its own feel-good stories–the oft maligned and hurt St Louis Cardinals who stumbled into the playoffs and Jim Leyland’s Cinderella Tigers.  No matter which team wins the magical 4th game, this 2006 world series has a magic and fairy tale ending waiting to be written.

So, it’s time again to sing Root, root, root for the home team, if they don’t win it’s a shame!



    Thanks for your Blog. I live in Katy and am an Astros fan of forty years. Since I am house bound I need all the info I can get. let me ask you something? I’m beginning to see the activities of Scott Boras as being against the interests of the fans. He makes millions but does not play, manage, or direct any part of baseball, yet the fans have to pay the tab (be it TV, the stadium, or Why do we need such legal loose cannons. What are your views?

  2. Rita

    Scott Boras took full advantage of a capitalistic system. In their frenzy for winning at any cost, teams like the Rangers, Red Sox, Yankees, Cubs,Dodgers fall over each other for the few players available via free agency each year. The highest bidder wins but also drives up the price for other players and teams. Perfect example of this is the bidding for Daisuke Matsuzaka and J.D. Drew opting out of his contract.

    It seems like the Red Sox have overpaid for Matsuzaka and some team will give Drew a million or two more than his contract with the Dodgers called for. The fallout will be that players like Zito, Schmidt, Alfonso Soriano, even Aubrey Huff will end up making more than they would have if Scott Boras wasn’t leading the charge on bidding wars.

    Scott Boras’ techinique borders on the unethical, but as long as the owners keep paying his clients outrageous sums of money, he’ll keep asking for ridiculous contracts.

    It will take more teams like the Astros and White Sox to take a stand against Boras and his clients before the crazy bidding wars will be held in check.

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