For the first time since 1996.  Well, I guess I’ll watch the rest of the Rockets pre-season game and then go to bed.  At least this year, there’s hope for the Rockets!

Correction:  Even the Rockets game is over.  WAAAH!!!  😦 



    glad i just sat here watching fox’s dumb shows for 2.5 hours.Well they will try again tomorrow (rain expecting again).I like that 7 foot guard or whatever he is yao ming the rockets hate.

  2. Rita

    I think they most likely will play tomorrow’s game. (at least I hope so)

    Yao IS The Houston Rockets for the most part. If they lose him again for even part of the season, it’s all over. Hopefully this year his toe and foot won’t bother him so much (REEBOK, get him custom-fitted shoes already!)

  3. Thomas

    Sorry you had to watch a basketball pre-season game Rita… There wasn’t any water boiling that you could have watched instead? I’m not much of a basketball fan… but I did catch part of the Rockets game last night(well it was on while I was checking e-mail etc). They actually look pretty good from what I saw… of course it was pre-season.

  4. Rita

    Thomas, I didn’t even get to watch the basketball game! I actually listened to music while having Fox on mute and then by the time they called the game and I switched to ESPN, the Rockets game had just ended. There was no live sports games to watch at my house at all last night! 😦

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