Rain, Rain, Go Away!

War At Home is getting old now!  I’m sure many, many baseball fans all over the country are quietly (or loudly) expressing the same sentiment tonight.

As I sit here waiting for this game to finally start, I have to wonder how the delay and the cold will affect the two pitchers.  The waiting is the hardest part and some handle it better than others.  Who will be the nervous wreck waiting to get on the mound and who will be calm, cool, and collected? 

The latest update said another hour before game time.  Right now, I think I’m getting more antsy than the two teams are.  Soon we will all find out as Game 4 plays out who is handling the pressure better. 

One thing for sure, after at least 4 back-to-back episodes of War At Home, they better play the game tonight!


  1. Benjamin

    Seriously, the War at Home is impossible to watch. I flipped over to LOST and now CSI. Thank goodness for Picture in Picture!

    P.S. Like the blog even if you are an astro’s fan 😉

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