Calm, Cool, and Collected

Last night I wondered which pitcher would be a nervous wreck in Game 4 and who will be a smooth operator.  I must admit, due to his youth and relative inexperience I thought Jeremy Bonderman would be the bundle of nerves as he hadn’t pitched in so long. 

I am pleasantly surprised at being wrong on that count as we head into the top of the 3rd inning at Busch Stadium.  Bonderman gave up a leadoff hit to David Eckstein, but got Chris Duncan to ground into a harmless double-play.  His handling of "Sir Albert" was nothing short of masterful!  Let’s see if he can keep that up though.  Getting Pujols to look that bad once is a feat in itself, getting him to go hitless tonight will most likely take a miracle!

Suppan gave up a solo homer to Sean Casey in the top of the 2nd inning after a great start.  He got out of a slight jam in the 2nd after that homer, but as we go into the 3rd inning, Granderson just hit a leadoff double.  Sounds to me like the Suppan of the 2006 NLDS has shown up tonight. 

Suppan does not look very sharp as he gave up a basehit to Casey and Granderson scored the 2nd run.  Casey is on fire tonight!



    yeah i like the other suppan better GO CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!since the stros are not in the WS!
    but…………I have to give Bonderman credit


  2. Rita

    Yeah, I was really surprised Bonderman wasn’t wild in the first couple of innings, and he got Sir Albert out twice now…that makes me feel a little better about how badly the Astros fared against him earlier this year 🙂

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