Did The Cardinals Cheat?

According to Kevin Kennedy of Fox Sports, the reason why LaRussa didn’t push the issue with the pine tar is because 5 or 6 of his own pitchers did the same thing.  Kennedy went on to say that infielders use pine tar on their gloves to get a better grip too.

Did Eckstein, Rolen and Pujols use pine tar on their gloves in the post season this year?  Is that why LaRussa didn’t push the issue?

If so, should a Cardinal win of the World Series forever have an asterisk next to it?

What does this say about previous World Series titles?  How many other players have been cheating?  How far back do you go and put asterisks next to the Championships?

If everyone does it even though it is "cheating", should MLB change its rules and  let everyone have an equal chance?  I personally think that is the fairest thing to do–get rid of a rule that obviously many players aren’t abiding by.  Level the playing field by letting all defensive players and pitchers use pine tar on their hands/gloves if they choose to do so.


  1. Benjamin

    by that logic they should make steriods illegal too. Oh, not to mention there’s been no evidence that the Cardinal players have used pine tar while there is overwhelming evidence that Rogers did.

  2. Rita

    No, steroids, HGH, etc, should stay illegal simply because it is actually against the law of the United States to use it without it being prescribed for a medical condition. Pine tar is used on a daily basis in baseball. It is a rule that disallows its use by pitchers and players on defense.

    As far as Cardinal players having used pine tar, you will have to take that up with Kevin Kennedy. He’s the one who said it during a radio interview today.

    I am raising it for debate since I heard it. Also, I am not disputing that Rogers used pine-tar or another substance that serves a similar purpose.

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