Astros Most Pressing Needs

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS RED BIRDS!!!!  for bringing the World Series trophy to the NL Central for the very first time!  Thank you for showing the world that the NL isn’t doomed to being swept in the fall classic for 3 years in a row.

Congrats also to ex-Astro Preston Wilson for getting his very first World Series ring!  I’m sure Viz will get one also to add to the ones he already has.

Okay, on to the business at hand.  To me, the most pressing needs of the Astros this offseason are to re-sign Clemens and Pettitte early on (no more I want to wait until February before I decide), sign Soriano or Carlos Lee to a long term deal, sign Huff to a 2 year deal, sign one of Schmidt/Wolf/Lilly, trade the deadwood named Ensberg, Lane, Astacio, W. Rodriguez, Buchholz, and add Hirsh and one AAA pitcher to get a veteran starter and a utility player. 

If Uncle Drayton wants to keep hearing the cha-ching cha-ching of the turnstiles at MMP, he’ll open up his wallet and give Tim Purpura the wherewithall to go get us the big bats and two more veteran starters that we need to compete for the World Series in 2007.

Fellow Bloggers, feel free to chime in with your suggestions/critiques!  The Hot Stove is officially open for lively debate!



    Yes I would re-sign petite and and clemens(if he doesnt retire) and definately get a third starter.I would also make sure Bagwell is signed next year.i agree get soriano or Carlos Lee and I agree keep Huff.I dont know if i would keep Brad lidge tho.and re-sign biggio(if he is not already).

  2. Rita

    Kaylee: Bagwell’s shoulder is so shot that the Astros will basically be paying him his $7 million buyout. He will retire officially no later than right after opening day. 😦

    I would keep Lidge simply because he is learning a 3rd pitch–a splitter and the few times he used it during the season he was very successful with it. He just needs more confidence in it. It will end up being his “out” pitch along with that wicked slider.

    Biggio’s contract should be official within the next week or two for around $4.5 million for one year.

    My biggest worry is Andy taking forever to make up his mind. 🙂

    We need Andy to tell us soon so we can concentrate on shoring up the offense and rotation via trades and free agents.

  3. Rita

    To me, 3rd AND 4th starters are key…we need to get one via free agency, preferably Lilly or Wolf who are both lefties or Schmidt who is more proven than Williams is and trade Mo and Buchholz for a veteran starter and Lane and the rest for a decent lefty utility guy for the bench.


    Carlos Lee will be easier to acquire than Alfonso Soriano.

    I’d take Ensberg over Huff, partially because there is a chance (however small) Ensberg can revert to 30 HR 100 RBI form (Huff batted .178 with RISP).

    Lane, Astacio, Rodriguez and Buchholz have all have plenty of opportunities to prove themselves. Woody might be a viable option for a spot in the rotation over more pricey options like Schmidt. Pettitte’s too young to retire (hopefully).

    A lot of sites seem to suggest that the Astros have been one of the clubs interesting in trading for Gary Sheffield.

    Nice to have another Astro blog to read 🙂

  5. Rita

    Thanks AstroBrit! Always glad to have more readers.

    Looks like the Front Office doesn’t have much faith in Ensberg though as they have talked to Aramis Ramirez’ agent.

    According to 790 The Sports Animal, the Astros are NOT going after Sheffield even though the NY media is saying they are.

    I am going to post some of the rumors I’ve heard/read so stay tuned!

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