On The Astros Radar

Still no word on Biggio’s contract.  Latest word is they hope to get it done before November 12th.  According to newspaper and radio reports, the Astros have contacted the agents for Alfonso Soriano, Carlos Lee, Aramis Ramirez and Gary Matthews Jr. among others.  I am optimistically taking the "among others" to mean some of the free agent pitchers. 

Lee and Soriano are no brainers, but the mention of Ramirez and Matthews Jr. surprised me.  What does this mean for Ensberg’s future?  Are they looking to trade him for a starting pitcher?  And why are they looking at Matthews?  Is Taveras on his way to becoming a Marlin?  The idea of Dontrelle Willis in Astros pinstripes is definitely appealing.  My only concern with Matthews Jr. is if 2006 was an abberation rather than a foretelling of his real abilities, we may end up with another Preston Wilson.

I certainly hope that Carlos Lee is an Astro soon and Pettitte and Clemens give the Astros an indication of their desires to pitch again sooner rather than later.  If the Astros want to return to the playoffs, they need more than one big bat and I hope Pettitte doesn’t make them wait so long they lose any chance they might have to sign free agents or make good trades.


  1. Rita

    Clemens and Pettitte did file for free agency, but it is more of a formality than either of them looking to go elsewhere. The real question is will one or both decide to retire?

  2. RumorMill

    I don’t think you’re going to get Willis with Tavares as the centerpiece of a trade. I don’t follow the ‘Stros prospects much but I’d be very surprised to see Willis as an Astro.

    I think Pettitte re-signs although he might go back to the AL and sign with the Rangers. Clemens, I’m guessing, ends up in Boston.

    You might have a chance at Lee and he would be a great addition for you guys although , like you, I’m guessing they’ll fill at least one hole via trading Taveras.


  3. Rita

    The Marlins have been very interested in Taveras, but you’re right, they would want more. My belief is that Willis can be had for Taveras along with at least 1 top prospect like Hirsh or Buchholz. An additional prospect may have to be included to get Willis.

    If Petitte doesn’t retire, he won’t go to the Rangers. Yankees are more likely than the Rangers. But, Pettitte’s father’s health may factor in his decision which will most likely keep him an Astro if he chooses to pitch again.

    Roger likes the attention he gets from ESPN. It keeps his merchandise a hot item, hence the annual “I may play for the Astros, Yankees, Red Sox.” If he decides to pitch again, I fully expect him to demand the same deal as 2006 and pitch half a season for the Astros.

    Carlos Lee, Woody Williams/Randy Wolf and Aubrey Huff are likely to be the only free agent acquisitions the Astros make this off season.

    The fact that they are seriously pursuing Huff means they don’t have much faith in Ensberg and are ready to trade him.

    Taveras and others to the Marlins may be more of a contingency plan in case Pettitte and Clemens retire.

  4. Thomas

    Pettitte will not pitch for the Rangers… if he pitches again it will be for the Astros or Yankees like Rita said. He said one of his main reasons for possibly retiring is just being burned out… That will only get worse in New York where he doesn’t get to sleep in his own bed on a regular basis like he does in houston.

  5. Rita

    He sure does, Kellia. I would love to see Estrada an Astro too. I believe Buchholz or Hirsh would be a good trade for him. We need a good hitting catcher and you guys need pitching.

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