Hidalgo an Astro again?

Richard Hidalgo is playing for the Navegantes del Magallanes in Venezuela this winter.  While that in itself isn’t big news, it could mean the return of Dawgie to Houston as a bench player. 

The Magallanes are managed this year by Al Pedrique the new Head of Astros Latin American Operations.  If Richard is mounting a comeback, at least right now he seems to be well on his way.  After a slow start, he is hitting .333 with 4 home runs in the last 10 games. 

A good impression in the Venezuelan Winter League will probably result in a non-roster invitation to Kissimmee in 2007.  I wouldn’t mind seeing Hidalgo back in an Astros uniform because he may be a better righty option off the bench than Lane, who could be traded as part of a package for a starting pitcher.  If Pettitte doesn’t make up his mind soon or decides to retire, it will be imperative the Astros sign a decent free agent like Wolf, Williams or Lilly and add one more veteran starter via trade if they have any hopes at all of a return to the playoffs in 2007.


  1. kayleexxx@aol.com

    iIremember Al Pedrique wasnt he the interm manager of the diamondback in 04?I did not like his managerial decisions bt we all dont agree with alott of managers decisions sometimes

  2. astrobrit@googlemail.com

    I just don’t see this happening, mainly because I think our bench is pretty full.

    If we stick Bidge at second and hire Lee for right field, our bench is Lamb, Bruntlett, Palmiero, Burke and possibly Lane.

    Ironic though that the guy we said was his replacement is loitering on our bench (Lane).

    I don’t know whether or not he holds a grudge for the Astros letting him go.


  3. Rita

    I’m thinking that right now the bench job is Lane’s to lose in spring training. If Dawgie keeps up the torrid pace he’s on right now (9 game hitting streak with 2 more HRs), it’ll be extremely hard not to invite him to Spring Training. According to Purpura, Hidalgo is in the best shape he’s seen in years. If that is indeed true, they may package Lane off to get starting pitching.

  4. Rita

    Maybe the last game was just a bad day and he goes back on that hot streak again. It would make for a nice story this spring if Richard makes it back to the Bigs with the Astros.

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