Bagwell Files For Free Agency

The Houston Chronicle is reporting tonight that Jeff Bagwell, the Astros icon filed for free agency.  Barry Axelrod, Bagwell and Biggio’s agent is quoted as saying  "Today is the last day for free agents to file, and even players contemplating retirement complete the filing process.  This is completely a technical matter and does not change anything about the relationship between Jeff and the Astros.  Our hope is that sometime in the near future, we will arrive at a long-term arrangement that will keep Jeff a part of the Astros family for many years."

But, I have to  wonder, is it possible that Jeff wants to give a shot at finishing his career with the team that originally drafted him, his hometown team, the Boston Red Sox?  Would the Red Sox sign Bagwell as a DH?  It would be quite a coup for Theo Epstein to have two future Hall of Famers finish their careers in Red Sox uniforms.  The other one of course would be Roger Clemens who has said that returning to Boston in 2007 isn’t out of the question. 


  1. Thomas

    I’m going to have to say that it’s a big negative on Bagwell playing for Boston.

    Even if Bagwell wanted to do that(which I’m assuming he doesn’t), the RedSox have David Ortiz as their DH and I’m pretty sure they don’t intend moving him to first base to let injured Bagwell play for them. Also, Bagwell playing for another team would pretty much make the case for the insurance company against the Astros, which would be a HUGE slap in the face towards the Astros.

  2. Rita

    Thomas: I agree it’s highly doubtful the Red Sox or any other team offers Bagwell a contract. But you have to admit it would make for a realy cool story if Boston did and Bagwell ended up DH’ing for them in 2007.


    I would put the chances of Bagwell playing in Boston again at <1%. It would also place a roadblock on the Personal Services Contract he would like to get from the Astros.

    Roger is another story and I think that there is a chance he would play for another team on his OWN terms if they would recognize that he is special and deserves the special terms.

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