Crazy Like A Red Fox?

ESPN is reporting the Red Sox had the winning bid for Daisuke Matsuzaka at $51.1 million.  That’s just crazy money!  CONGRATS RED SOX!!!

I hope Boston can get at least a 5 year deal done because as we all know, Scott Boras will try to get a 2-3 year deal so he can rake in the free agent bucks! 

Buckle your seat belts as baseball salaries have just gone crazy and the 2006 Hot Stove Season will be a wild and crazy ride!



    being a red sox fan I am happy but you are right they are crazy i hope they get a 3-4 year at least contract done

  2. Rita

    If I was Theo, I’d demand 5 year contract or let him go back to Japan for one more year….you won’t have to pay unless a contract is done.

  3. Rita

    Thanks Rafael. I’m still learning to get a good feel for blogging regularly, but, I’m starting to get the hang of this and I’m really liking it!

  4. Thomas

    I cannot condone the wild expenditure on just the right to TALK with a player – one who has not thrown a single pitch in the Major Leagues. I don’t care how good the prospect is, there are no guarantees it will translate to Major League success. Plus, the Red Sox have yet to SIGN this guy. They probably will, but if somehow, someway, a deal does not get done, the Red Sox will be the laughingstock of the league. It looks a lot like a desperation move to me – just one more way to upstage the mighty Yanks.

  5. Rita

    You’re right Thomas, if they don’t sign him, it will look like a move to block the Yankees and they will be the laughingstock of the league because even though Matsuzaka will go back to Japan for the 2007 season, they will repost him for the 2008 season and the bidding the next time will be even more outrageous.

    And you’re also right that all this is for a guy who’s never thrown a pitch in Major League Baseball.

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