Lidge Is Hot Topic

According to John Lopez, Houston Chronicle columnist and 790 mid-day host, the Cleveland Indians are very interested in Brad Lidge.  Problem is, they really don’t want to trade anyone of any value for him since they are looking for corner outfielders themselves.

There are a couple of interesting possibilities if the Indians are willing to part with them.  One would be Jake Westbrook or Paul Byrd.  Another possibility would be Casey Blake who played quite a few games in right field in 2006.  He is a bit old (32), but if they throw in Andy Marte, it could work.

If the Astros could trade Lidge to the Indians for either starting pitcher (Westbrook/Byrd) or Casey Blake and Andy Marte, it would be a fair deal for both teams.


  1. Thomas

    If I’m trading Lidge to the Indians, Casey Blake would be a starting point… maybe.

    Yes Lidge had a bad year last year, but he has great stuff and we just hired a new pitching coach. The first task of our new pitching coach should be how to fix Brad Lidge. If I’m purpura, I’m not trading Lidge based on last season… If you want Lidge, you have to overpay for him IMO.

  2. Rita

    I agree. Blake would be a starting point. They would need to include Marte or another MLB-ready prospect too. Or give us Westbrook or Byrd. Lidge was an all star in 2005 and most elite closers had a bad year in 2006. All the talk about Lidge by the Red Sox, Rockies, Indians, etc. shows that he is still regarded quite highly.

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