Astros Really Closing In On Lee

The Houston Chronicle is reporting the Astros have upped their offer to Carlos Lee during a face to face negotiation session held in Houston today with Adam Katz, Carlos Lee’s agent.

To me, the fact that Adam Katz flew to Houston to conduct face to face negotiations means a lot since he is based out of LA.  He apparently hasn’t flown to Baltimore or Philadelphia in recent days and Lee has said he doesn’t want to play on the West Coast which would leave the Giants out of the mix.

This is good news for Astros fans.  We may end up getting Lee for 6 years, 87 to 90 million after all.  It’s a good thing Katz is a sensible agent unlike Scot Boras.  Teams are more likely to deal with Katz in the future than Boras.

UPDATE 11/22/06:  The Baltimore Sun is reporting that the Orioles are considering offering 6 years, 80-90 million dollars to Carlos Lee. 

I don’t believe that’ll do it for Lee since he has approximately the same offer from the Astros already and Adam Katz flew into Houston yesterday to meet with Drayton McLane and Tim Purpura.  I’m sure if Katz had flown to Baltimore to meet with Jim Duquette and Peter Angelos, the Sun would have reported it.  One interesting tidbit from that article is that Lee could make his decision right after Thanksgiving.

$90 million question:  Where is Carlos Lee eating his Turkey today?  At his Texas Ranch or someplace else?


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