The Big Fish Just Got Reeled In

KRIV TV in Houston and the team’s website are reporting Carlos Lee agreed to a six year contract with the Astros this morning.  He is supposed to be flying in from Panama this evening to sign the contract.

About time!  Now we need to sign Williams and Huff quickly and trade for another starter.  I bet this made Clemens and Pettitte sit up and take notice!


  1. Kellia

    Congrats on getting the guy you wanted. You might not want Pettitte though, if he is feeling burnt out and worried about his dad’s health.

    As for Clemens, terrific as his ERA has been the last couple of years, I would think that people in Houston must be wondering if they could have won the division if they had a full-time pitcher, who, though perhaps not Hall of Famer material, would have won a few more games than Clemens by being there the whole season.

    Clemens and the Astros are like Bonds and the Giants. It is worth putting up with their special demands?


    Life, Baseball & the guy I want to see be Bond’s successor in SF LF.

  2. Rita

    Pettitte will be back. I think he was tired like Clemens of never getting enough run support.

    Yeah, Clemens is kinda like Bonds…he gets special treatment here, but, if we get Woody Williams and maybe a veteran via trade, it would be showing both Clemens and Pettitte we’re not waiting for them this year and that conversely will end up making them decide to sign sooner rather than later.

    If I had to make a bet right now, I’d bet at least Pettitte will come out next week and say “I talked it over with my family and my Dad and I’ve decided to play a few more years.”

    This was a brilliant move by the Astros even if they end up overpaying for Lee because it turns the tables on Clemens and Pettitte now.

    I still want Estrada for our future catcher though… 🙂

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