Welcoming the Newest Astros

Welcome to Houston Carlos and welcome home Woody! 

This was a good day to be an Astros fan.  I had rumored the Williams signing  yesterday and so I’m glad I wasn’t misled.  I also had a feeling Lee would sign with us because his agent hadn’t flown to Baltimore or Philly. 

Yes, Clemens and Pettitte will be back now, yes we’ll get a second lefty in the bullpen.  Yes, Huff will sign a 3-4 year contract.  No, Ensberg won’t be part of the 2007 Astros, he’ll be traded for that lefty arm.  I wouldn’t mind bringing home Mike Gonzalez of the Pirates or even settling for John Grabow.  Yes, Lidge will still be an Astro.  Why do you think they got Dave Wallace as the new pitching coach?  Yes, we’ll get more catching help–Estrada for Buchholz anyone?

Tim Purpura and the Astros aren’t done with the off season moves yet so hold on tight to the steering wheel–Astros fans are still in for a wild ride in the 2006 off season!


  1. RumorMill

    I think you’re just a tad bit optimistic. I like both signings, however I don’t think Clemens OR Pettitte will be back in an Astros uniform any time soon. And, I dont think Gonzalez or Estrada are heading your way any time soon but I’ve been wrong before.

  2. astrobrit@googlemail.com

    I think the signing of Lee and Williams guarantees that Pettitte and Clemens will be back with the Astros in 2007.

    There is NO WAY Clemens will sit on the sideline if he thinks he can contribute, and he thinks the Astros have a shot at the World Series. Pettitte will follow Clemens lead.


  3. kayleexxx@aol.com

    nice of pettite and Clemens to finnally make a decision.And carlos lee was a great signing in my opionion

  4. Rita

    Rumor: Clemens and Pettitte will be back. They wanted a big bat and help with the rotation. They got both now.

    Kellia and Kaylee: If that trade got made, good for the Brew Crew and the D-backs. Looks like at least half of the NL Central is making moves to get better in 2007.

  5. kayleexxx@aol.com

    I dont know if The trade was worth it for the diamondbacks though.they do need pitching but is DOUG DAVIS really that good?

  6. Rita

    He’s a lefty career .500 pitcher but he did play on some relatively bad teams with the Rangers, Blue Jays (part season) and Brewers. He has turned into an innings eater though with a relatively decent ERA of 4.35. He had 2 years with the Brewers with ERA in the 3’s.

  7. gibstros@yahoo.com

    Yep, you were a tad optimistic on Estrada, not that I blame you–I really thought we were going to go after him as well. I disagree with you on Huff. I think that by overpaying on Lee, we’ve assured ourselves that there is no money for more offense. Purpura will go after Roger and Andy and if they don’t make up their minds quickly, he’ll add one more pitcher, maybe make a trade for some more offense or see if the Brewers want to give up a catcher.

  8. Rita

    The Astros still have $20 million they can spend not counting Clemens. I think they will decide this week if they want to go after Huff. I think Huff won’t cost more than $8 million, but will want at least a 3 year deal. If they don’t get Huff, Ensberg better have a good year or adding Lee and Williams won’t do us any good.

    Right now the Astros still have holes in pitching and in the lineup they need to fill.

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