Astros interested in Peavy

According to the Houston Chronicle, the Astros are seriously considering trading for Jake Peavy and are continuing talks with the Rockies for Jason Jennings.  The Padres are supposedly unhappy with Peavy and are looking to move him.  Even though the price would be high, likely costing the Astros Ensberg and one of the rookies like Hirsh or Buchholz, it would be a good fit down the road. 

Roy Oswalt is one of Jake Peavy’s best friends and Peavy’s agent, Barry Axelrod also represents Bagwell and Biggio.  Over the years, the Astros have had very good relations with Axelrod and Peavy could benefit from being reunited with veteran pitcher Woody Williams and tutelage from the venerable Roger Clemens.

If this trade does go through and then Pettitte decides to come back, the Astros starting rotation would suddenly become the scariest in the National League with Oswalt, Pettitte, Peavy, Williams and Sampson/Albers/Buchholz–A Rocket blastoff mid-season would cement the best Astros rotation of all time.


  1. Thomas

    While I would really like to have Peavy… I really don’t want to give up Ensberg to get him… I still have high hopes of Morgan returning to the MVP-type status from 2005. Morgan returning to form and batting somewhere around Berkman-Lee and possibly Scott would more than make up for anything Peavy could add in my opinion.

    Just imagine a line up of Ensberg(from 2005), Berkman, Lee, Scott(from 2006) batting 2-5. Not many American league teams could match that. Who knows how Peavy will be next season… he’s coming off a down year as well.

  2. Rita

    I know what you mean. But I can’t see them not asking for Ensberg even though they got Kouzmanoff from the Indians, he’s still a rookie. The other one they may accept is Burke since they need a 2nd baseman also. A pitcher would undoubtedly go too. Per Footer from a few minutes ago though, the Padres are starting to balk at the prospect of trading Peavy.

  3. Thomas

    I figure Burke and Ensberg (along with the kid pitchers) are going to be rumored in pretty much every trade talk involving the Astros. I’m not real fond of giving up Burke either… maybe I’m just attached to our players too much and don’t want to get rid of them.

  4. Rita

    No, I don’t think you’re too attached to Burke and Ensberg, it’s just that we don’t have much depth at 2nd or 3rd. Huff hasn’t signed with anyone yet and he may still be an option if they trade off Mo. Burke is more problematic because when Biggio needs to rest the Astros would have to fill in with Bruntlett or promote Brooks Conrad.

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