Pettitte to Yankees Rumor Debunked

                                Andy Pettitte won 37 games in three seasons with Houston but may be looking to pitch for the Yankees again.

Earlier this evening, Astros GM Tim Purpura and one of Pettitte’s agents Randy Hendricks refuted the report by Sports Illustrated’s Tom Verducci that the Yankees were close to a deal with Pettitte.  Both said the report was "erroneous" and they didn’t know where that report came from. 

Purpura told Houston’s 790 The Sports Animal that he’d talked to Randy Hendricks and Hendricks told him Andy hasn’t even decided yet if he wants to pitch in 2007 or retire. 

Hendricks then responded to an email by 790 telling the radio station he didn’t know how or where that particular rumor got started.  He reiterated that although he has spoken to the Yankees and the Astros, no deal is imminent with either club.

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