Sports Illustrated has just lost all credibility

Beyond the major gaffe they committed with the "Yankees close to Pettitte deal", someone there isn’t paying enough attention or just can’t seem to get things right.  Just this afternoon they posted a story on their website about Maddux signing with the Padres.  That’s all well and good, but if you read the whole article, you find another error, that, had it been a small town newspaper or a fan’s blog, one could excuse.  There is no excuse for a major sports website and magazine to make such a blunder:

Maddux adds a veteran presence to a relatively young rotation. Woody Williams left to sign with St. Louis and David Wells isn’t sure whether he will play next year.


Woody Williams signed with the Astros on the 24th of November.  What planet has Sports Illustrated been on since then?


  1. Thomas

    I don’t think they had much credibility in the first place. It seems like they have one writer who tries to cover every team. I can’t name how many times I’ve read things “Craig Burke”(or something to that extent)in their writings.

    -Stros Bro


    I said exactly the same thing when I saw the Woody Williams to Cardinals thing. A major sports website should have proof reading.

    Donovan and Verducci opinions aren’t worth much to me. Heyman is a good source sometimes to know what’s going on.

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