Garland to the Astros?

790 The Sports Animal in Houston is reporting the Astros may be close to a trade with the White Sox which would bring Jon Garland to Houston and send Center Fielder Willy Taveras and right hand pitcher Taylor Buchholz to Chicago. 

I am definitely in favor of this trade, especially if Pettitte decides to re-sign with the Astros.  It would give them an extremely solid rotation of Oswalt, Pettitte, Garland, Williams and Hirsh until Clemens comes back mid-season.  Wow…after the All Star Break, the Astros would have the best rotation in baseball.


If they are ready to deal Taveras, it would mean that the Astros believe that Jason Lane can be a viable option for them at Center Field.  Lane has lost 20-30 pounds and has been working out at Minute Maid every day since mid October.

Update as of 12:07 PM CST:  790 is now reporting that White Sox GM Kenny Williams left the Winter Meetings and is now returning to the Winter Meetings to announce this deal.

Stay tuned for more updates.  The situation is extremely fluid right now.

5 PM Update:  790 has been reporting for a couple hours now that MLB officials are telling them the Garland deal is not dead yet.  Two separate MLB sources are telling 790 that the both teams are still considering this trade.  Purpura also said that the Garland trade is on a parallel track with the Pettitte negotiations and it is possible both pitchers would be Astros in 2007.


  1. RumorMill

    You keep assuming that Clemens is going to pitch only half a year and only for the Astros. From everything that I’ve heard, Clemens is likely to pitch for an entire year, and is leaning towards the Red Sox (possibly even closing for them).

  2. Rita

    Clemens already told the Red Sox he won’t be a closer for them. Also, he said in an interview on Monday that right now he’s leaning towards going to Kissimmee in March to work with the Astros’ young pitchers. He won’t be in the Yankees or Red Sox spring training camps if he’s working with the Astros young pitchers.

    This is all setting up to be another sweet-heart deal with the Astros again.

  3. Thomas

    The Garland deal would have been awesome! I’d definitely take Garland, even if it meant not signing Andy. I don’t see Clemens pitching an entire year… He’s worth more as a half-year player than a full year player. There’s probably more than a 50/50 chance he would get injured trying to play a full year(IMO).

    Clemens isn’t going to be a closer… if he goes back to the Red Sox it will be to get one more win to become the leading pitcher in wins in Red Sox history… he has nothing to prove as a closer.

    -Stros Bro

  4. Rita

    790 just said it’s not dead yet according to two separate MLB sources. They also played a little clip from Purpura where he said the Garland trade is on a parallel track to the Pettitte negotiations and both may be pitching for the Stros in 2007.

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