More Proof Sports Illustrated has no credibility

SI’s Jon Heyman reported earlier that the Jon Garland to Astros deal fell through because Taylor Buchholz failed a physical.  Apparently that’s news to Buchholz.  The Houston Chronicle is reporting that Buchholz said he hadn’t taken a physical since Spring Training 2006. 

Is Sports Illustrated having so many problems keeping up with ESPN and other sports websites and bloggers that they have taken to reporting out and out lies now?



    What are the chances of the Cardinals making a deal for Mark Buehrle from the White Sox? Jerry Reinsdorf said this:

    “With the madness that is in the market today, how could we have counted on being able to re-sign Freddy? Then, we have [Mark] Buehrle, who is a free agent who walks around wearing a Cardinals hat… You have to think he’s going to be tough to re-sign. When you have a chance to move one guy who is close to free agency and come back with power arms, you have to go for it.”

  2. Rita

    What young arms do the Cardinals have to offer the White Sox for Buehrle? You need Wainright in case you don’t sign Weaver. There’s no guarantee that you will be able to sign your free agents. What top pitching prospects do you have in your farm system that have had some experience at the big level in 2006 besides Wainright and Reyes?


    As much has I like what they (TJ & BT)did in the postseason, wouldn’t packaging Tyler Johnson or Brad Thompson with Skip Schumaker or Brendan Ryan (and/or a prospect like Chris Narveson, Travis Hanson, Reid Gorecki, John Nelson, Stuart Pomeranz, Mark Worrell, Mike Parisi, or Shaun Boyd) be plenty to get Buehrle from a team who knows they are going to lose him anyway?

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