Sometimes It’s Stevie Nicks

It’s early Saturday morning and I have had more than 15 hours to digest the Andy Pettitte defection now.  It’s really a little past 7:45 AM in the morning, and I’m just not in the mood to be an Ann Wilson romantic–more like Stevie Nicks realist–Sometimes It’s a B.itch, Sometimes It’s A Breeze..

From where I sit, this deal with Andy may end up being a very nice, rose smelling breeze for Tim Purpura and Drayton McLane and a real b.itch for Andy and the Yankees.

As Nicks also wrote, Sometimes the picture just ain’t what it seems, you get what you want, but, it’s not what you need…

I wondered how that applied to the Astros and Andy Pettitte.  Surely for the Astros it should be more of a b.itch than a breeze, or is it? and just how much of a breeze is it really for Pettitte and the Yankees?

He’ll be playing in arguably the toughest division in the MLB as far as hitting is concerned.  Another thing that concerns me is that ridiculously short right porch at Yankee stadium…Andy has gotten used to letting fly balls go towards right center or right field off leftie batters for relatively harmless doubles  at Minute Maid Park because of the dimensions.  Yes, Yankee fans, we actually have a left field that is only 3 feet closer than yours and a right field porch that is 12 feet farther away from the one at Yankee Stadium…

Lord help Andy when he pitches at Fenway again because the left field there is actually 5 feet shorter than MMP’s and the right field is 24 feet shorter. 

I just can’t see Andy posting an ERA of 4.75 or better with the dynamics of good right handed hitters, the DH, and having to play at least 15-20 games in 2 ball parks totallly unfriendly to lefties again…remember, he is 34 years old now and there is a huge agility and athletism difference from 30-31 to pushing 35…

Alas, the human body doesn’t see the Yankee players as Gods who should be spared the problems of ageing–The Big Unit certainly wasn’t immune to it in 2006…

Unfortunately for Andy, he’ll have to un-learn all those right field doubles only at MMP tendencies really quick if he wants to be successful at Yankee Stadium.  The right field porch at Yankee Stadium is only 314 feet while he had a full 12 more feet to work with at MMP’s 326 right field line.  I certainly hope Andy can remember that giving up a double with the Yankees current lineup that is lacking in righty bats is tantamount to giving up a homer and it’s not a statistic that’ s going to help him and the club any…just one that will hurt them if Andy should forget about that short right field porch…and in the early months, Posada better be reminding him at every start.  Red Sox, on the other hand, have a plethora of right handed or switching hitting bats making up for 8 of 9 spots of their lineup as it stands.  The Good Lord better help Pettitte against Manny, Varitek, Willy Mo, Coco, Youkiilis and Lowell.  They are all righties or switch hitters who know how to exploit the dimensions of Yankee Stadium and Fenway Park. 

Andy and the Yankees have the added worry about the switch hitters and lefties like Big Papi in the really short porch in right…It’s shorter by a full 12 feet than MMP’s right field porch…

I foresee Pettitte having lots of problems pitching to the Sox at Fenway and even at home, but, he wanted to be a Yankee before his arm fell off, so be it….Astros fans will just thank Tim P and Drayton in 6 months….

Again, good luck in New York Andy, you’re really going to need it….



    Yes he will.i hope he is not so good in NEW YORK.haha.I am a red sox fan can u tell anywho good luck prttite in New york in 07.

  2. RumorMill

    Sorry, but this post seems a LOT like sour grapes. The botton line is that the Astos let a home down hero leave town over 2 million bucks. Will Pettitte struggle? Maybe but if he’d returned to the Astros you’d be singing his praises talking about how he’ll bring a veteran presence etc. Whether Pettitte struggles or not, this was a horrible non move by the Stros. Pettitte leaving could also cost them Clemens if he decides to return.

  3. Rita

    Maybe it is. Maybe I’m lashing out because I was NAIVE 3 years ago.

    Maybe as an Astros fan who BELIEVED Pettitte when he said he was just a regular guy who wanted to be close to his family and it wasn’t about the money for him, I now feel betrayed.

    We spent our hard earned money to go see one of our hometown heroes, believing him to be of the same caliber as Bagwell, Biggio, Oswalt and Berkman.

    I guess I and many other Astros fans and Houstonians were wrong. Pettitte in the end, was all about the money after all.

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