Garland to Astros–Round Two?

I don’t have any links to post on this information, but, according to John Lopez of the Houston Chronicle, the Astros and the White Sox are very close to getting a deal done for Jon Garland.

Twice on his Monsters of the Midday show, Lopez mentioned the Garland deal.  Just past noon, Lopez said according to beat writers, the deal was close, but didn’t give any more details.  Later on during the show, around 2:45 PM CST, Lopez elaborated a bit by stating that Hirsh and Taveras were definitely part of a deal "this close" to happening.

Take it for what it’s worth, he didn’t cite any concrete sources, except to say "my guys say…" and changing it to "beat writers" and he seemed very confident Hirsh and Taveras would definitely be going to Chicago.

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