Dice K Dissected–An Astros Perspective

So, the Red Sox finally signed the Japanese phenom Daisuke Matsuzaka!  Congrats to the Red Sox Nation! 

We know what the Yankees are thinking right now–Thank goodness we landed Pettitte!!

My question is how does this affect the other 28 teams in the MLB?  One thing for sure, it just drove up the price for Japanese players, but, beyond that, as an Astros fan, I’m breathing a sigh of limited relief–chances are Red Sox are out of the bidding for the Rocket…hey, that’s one team out of the mix right? 

Yankees want him to pitch an entire season, but his agents, the Hendricks Brothers, are pushing him to pitch only half a season and don’t expect Roger to decide his future until the new year has already been rung in…That definitely bodes well for Astros fans.  Roger himself said the only thing he’s decided on for 2007 is going to spring training and working with the young Astros pitchers. 

In the immediate future for the NL teams–it’s not a great day…chances are they’ll have to face The Rocket in the 2nd half of 2007 regularly.  He may be 44 years old, but, he can still bring it.  Now, if Matsuzaka is a bust or they are plagued with injuries to their starting rotation, the Red Sox may still dial up Roger and beg him to come back.  As an Astros fan, I wouldn’t blame him if he returned to the Red Sox. 

That however, sets up a very interesting match up–Clemens vs. Pettitte.  It should make for a very exciting twist to an already intense rivalry and one all baseball fans would enjoy watching next year. 


  1. kayleexxx@aol.com

    The red sox do not need clemens. We have essentially 8 guys that can start-Lester is coming back now that he is CANCERFREE he can start:so can SCHILLING,Jonathan Papelbon,Tim wakefield,Dice-K and Josh Beckett.Who all will start.Kyle Snyder can also start and so can Hansen.and dice-K wont be a bust.We do however,need a closer badly.

  2. Rita

    I know! I think your starting rotation will be:






    I think Papelbon will be back as your closer, and, that would be the right thing to do..you guys need him to close again…

  3. Thomas

    You don’t need Clemens? If my overall ERA between Clement, Wakefield, Beckett and Schilling last season was a 4.75(like it was)… I think I would still need Clemens.

    I think you’ll switch Matsu and Beckett in the rotation… if I was Tony, I’d think about moving Wake up one spot as well and putting Becket as my 4th starter. Maybe that would help him improve his pathetic ERA and earn his 3 year 26 million contract.

    -Stros Bro


  4. kayleexxx@aol.com

    Thomas:oh I see we are calling our players pathetic now are We.Yes I agree our starting rotation did have high ERAS last year.Rita:I agree I think they might if they cant find a closer.I am all for that.

  5. Thomas

    Not calling the player pathetic… calling his 5.01 ERA pathetic.

    If the Red Sox are smart, they’ll keep Papelbon as the closer.

  6. Rita

    Thomas, Schilling and Wakefield mananged to get the needed run support to win the games. A rotation of Schilling, Beckett, Matsuzaka, Wakefield and Lester would be good enough for them to overpower the Yankees and win the AL East if all perform reasonably well. Also, in Beckett’s defense, remember, it was his first year in the AL, he didn’t know the hitters very well…I have a feeling our hometown boy will do just fine in Boston next year.

  7. Rita

    Thomas, I read your article on Scott–the only way I’d trade him to the Tigers would be straight up for Nate Robertson.

  8. astrobrit@googlemail.com

    It seems the Red Sox have committed to putting Papelbon in the rotation, and while they don’t have an immediate closer, they don’t have a spot for Clemens either.

    I remember when Pettitte said he wouldn’t go to the Red Sox because he couldn’t bear playing against his former team-mates, would it be the same for Roger?

    I still think Roger sees himself more as a Yankee than as a Red Sox. Well I hope he sees himself more as an Astro.


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