Aloha Jeff Bagwell

I can’t really say goodbye because he’s not really going away for good.  I can’t say hello, because he’s been the face of the Astros for so long–so Aloha Jeff, and welcome to this new phase of your tenure with the Houston Astros. 

In a way, it’s a sad day because I will never again see you hitting those towering home runs or manning first base ever again.  Thanks for the great memories.  And thank you for accepting the Special Assistant to the General Manager position.  With you working with the young kids and still being around the club house regularly, you will be inspiration to all, young and old, rookie and veteran on the club.

You are surely a Hall of Famer, 1st ballot will depend on all those who get to vote.  Rest assured, to the City of Houston and Astros fans all over the world, you already are a Hall of Famer and I look forward to the emotions that will pour from everyone in this city on the day they retire your number.  You will forever be an Astro and #5 will forever belong to JEFF BAGWELL!!


  1. Wendy

    Hi Rita, thanks so much for visiting me over at SanDiegoPadresMom! Jeff Bagwell not playing on the Astros will seem incredibly foreign to me as well- a constant through the years.

  2. Rita

    Hi Wendy, once again, welcome to MLBlogging :-)…I know you will have a lot of fun here. Especially once the season starts!

    You can also cheer on for Woody and Bradley (unless we’re playing against your Padres, of course) without having a real conflict of interest–Ausmus has always been a ladies favorite in Houston, I’ll bet it’s the same in San Diego as well. 🙂

    BTW, I did a tribute to another former Padre and Astro–Cammy…if you want to read it, it’s down in the November section….

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