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My campaign for Jennings was a roaring success!  The Astros not only traded for JJ, but they traded away 2 of the 3 guys I wanted gone this off season in Hirsh and Buchholz. 

So it’s time to set my gun sights on the last remaining target–Morgan Ensberg.  Look, it’s really not personal.  I think Mo is a great guy.  I have talked to him before, he’s very sincere and he’s not a prima donna like Hirsh.  But, let’s face it, until he gets his head together, the constantly changing batting stances, hiding injuries, thinking too much, are just more reasons why some people think he’s a head case.

I really don’t know what to make of it anymore, except like David Carr, the ownership and management just seem to love his potential…well, you know what they say about potential–it’s like two birds in the bush.  I really hadn’t intended a pun there, but….VY, Reggie, anyone???

The Astros can have two birds in hand by signing Huff, who apparently is waiting for divine intervention so he doesn’t have to leave home–oh Tim P–sign the man, he’s waiting for your call…and trading MoBerg for a much needed lefty bullpen arm and a couple of position player prospects that the Astros sorely lack in their farm system.  A third baseman and a utility guy with pop in his bat who can play short and 2nd would be really, really nice….

C’mon, Tim P., you agreed with my suggestion that the Stros needed to get Jennings and that Buchholz and Hirsh were only "potential"…make my Christmas very merry by giving me that 2nd lefty arm in the bullpen and trading away the 5 million dollar head case who’s manning 3rd base!



  1. Thomas

    Sorry to say it, but I hope you don’t get all you want for Christmas. Huff is asking for too much $ and he’s just not worth it in my opinion. I’d rather take a chance on Morgan returning to form and having Lamb to fall back on then to overpay for Huff(who really isn’t that much [if any] of an upgrade over Morgan…

    As bad of a season as Ensberg had last season, he was still about as good as Huff. Last season Huff hit about 30 points higher than Ensberg, but Ensberg got on base .050 % more than Huff. Even with Ensberg having a bad season last year, he would fit better into the lineup this year as a number 2 hitter than Huff would as a 5 or 6 hitter. And Ensberg is only one season removed from being an MVP candidate.

    -Stros Bro


    I second the above comment. Ensberg should get another chance batting second where his skill can be better utilized. He is an eratic Fourth hitter, but he has been consistant as an OBP hitter.


    I second the above comment. Ensberg should get another chance batting second where his skill can be better utilized. He is an eratic Fourth hitter, but he has been consistant as an OBP hitter.

  4. Rita

    Folks, I’m not an Ensberg hater. I’m basing what I said on his own interview. You might want to check it out first before you call me a hater. I’ve posted the link to podcast page in the Garner interview. Just scroll down to the section that has Ted Deluca and John Lopez…the Ensberg interview is the first one under that heading.


    Jimy Williams’ Ensberg hate cost the Astros a playoff spot in 2003. Garner’s Ensberg hate may have done so in 2006. I guess the Astros can go for the hat trick in 2007.


    I think Ensberg has more upside than Huff. But he also has more downside as well. It’s a roll of the dice. But Ensberg is cheaper right now. So until Huff’s asking price drops I may stick to rolling the dice with Ensberg.

    Of course I would feel more comfortable if Ensberg would only speak up when he is hurt. Biggio and Bagwell played hurt all the time, but they were getting proper treatment as they played through their injuries. Something that Ensberg doesn’t get when he keeps it a secret.

  7. Rita

    Yeah, I guess that’s main beef I have with Mo…just speak up and let Garner know if you’re hurt to the point where it’s affecting your swing. Take care of it and rest and let Lamb fill in for a week or two.

    Hopefully he’ll do that this year and we’ll see the 2005 type Ensberg back. If that happens, I have no problem with Ensberg at 3rd instead of Huff. 🙂

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