Some Questions Answered

A few days ago I had more questions than answers, like why are the Astros so high on Richard Hidalgo?  The answer to that question can be found here (Click on Estadisticas at the top of the page).   Richard is batting a cool .400 with 4 doubles and get this–EIGHT HOME RUNS in the last 12 games.  Oh yeah, he’s also slugging an outrageous .960 for an ungodly OPS of 1.415.  This is the Venezuelan Winter League’s Round Robin playoff games and I guess Hidalgo is so happy and relieved at having gotten that contract from the Astros, he’s showing them he’s worth every penny of it.

Which is a lot more than Jason Lane can say about his VWL performance, yet he and/or his agent have asked for $1.375 million as salary for 2007–the Astros offered to double his 2006 salary of $450,000…I just can’t see Lane getting even that much based on his 2006 performance, leave alone more than tripling his salary!

The other pressing and puzzling question I had was why did they sign Loretta?  Richard Justice of the Houston Chronicle speculates on that in his blog and I’m glad to see that I wasn’t the only one who was puzzled over the official version of Loretta as a bench player…

Besides Justice, Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports and The Rocky Mountain News have also reported that the Astros may be willing to trade Morgan Ensberg…now, The Rocky Mountain News may be quoting Rosenthal, but, Justice is closer to home and he doesn’t seem to be rehashing the Rosenthal rumor–he mentions something I didn’t know of–that Ensberg was on the block in November.  In fact, he talks about Ensberg being traded six more times after the initial mention in his blog article…to me at least, it sounds like Richard Justice may have some info that goes beyond regurgitating the Rosenthal rumor. 



    Wow, thats pretty hot hitting from Hidalgo. I don’t think the Astros purposefully got Loretta so they could trade Ensberg. If he was going to get traded, he would have gone by now. I don’t think Lane or Ensberg deserve raises, but then again I thought the same about Lidge.

  2. Rita

    He’s hitting .383 as of today in 15 games, but that’s still pretty darn good because this is their playoffs…I don’t know what to make of Everett, Ensberg and Lane holding out still…

    As for the Loretta signing, I think it was mainly because they couldn’t believe he was still available. Plus, he’s a proven comodity and good insurance in case they can trade Ensberg or if he falls flat on his face by May again.

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