Bold Predictions

The sports pundits who write for ESPN, Fox Sports, Sports Illustrated, CBS’s Sports line are all making predictions on the best teams in baseball right now, even before the pitchers and catchers report to spring training.  Most of these people (and I’m using that term rather loosely here), are basing their predictions on the off season dollars spent, strength of the previous season’s finish and general bias based on their prime readership.

Now, I, as a fan of a particular team, namely the Astros, may be biased in my own opinion, but, I at least will strive to be objective.  I don’t get paid tens of thousands of dollars to put out my predictions to appease the masses, nor am I likely to lose my "writer’s voice" should I dissent from the views of my readers.

To me, that’s where these so-called pundits go wrong–instead of being honest, they serve higher beasts–namely the east coast fans and publishers who see only the east coast fans as true baseball fans–a bias that is likely to cost the big sports companies billions of dollars in revenue as more and more fans from the rest of the country turn away from reading/subscribing to ESPN, Fox Sports, CNNSI, etc. 

That’s alright though.  Bloggers will fill the void quite nicely.  Bloggers are the future and some forward-thinking journalists and newspapers/websites have recognized that.  Others are still too rooted in their bloated television revenues to see us bloggers as a serious threat–isn’t that what the people who kept cranking out vinyl records thought of the cassette tape and CD?

Without further ado, here are my ranking of the 30 MLB teams for 2007:

1.  Red Sox

2.  Twins

3.  Tigers

4.  Mets

5.  Indians

6.  Dodgers

7.  White Sox

8.  Oakland A’s

9.  Astros

10. Phillies

11. Braves

12. Angels

13. Blue Jays

14. Brewers

15. Yankees

16. Cubs

17. Cardinals

18. Mariners

19. Rangers

20. Padres

21. Diamond Backs

22. Marlins

23. Orioles

24. Giants

25. Devil Rays

26. Royals

27. Reds

28. Rockies

29. Pirates

30. Nationals

My rankings are actually based on the players expected to be on the 25 man rosters for the teams rather than how they finished last year.  I took into account who signed with which team and which teams are now bereft of major chunks of their rotation/lineup. 

I believe last year was last year and unless your team’s improvements are better than those of your division opponents, you are worse.  Additions for the sake of additions and the amount of money spent means nothing more than a hill of beans if it doesn’t really improve a team–That certainly applies in the case of the NL Central and the AL East with the Cubs, Yankees and Orioles.


  1. Sam

    Funny that you mention this. I was talking to a friend of mine about how sporting news channels and newspaper folks are starting to embrace blogging. The local espn radio hosts each have blogs on the station’s site, the local newspaper has their guys blogging. Heck, even TR Sullivan, former Rangers beat writer has a blog.

    PS: Good luck with Carlos Lee. What were ya’ll thinking giving him 100 mill?

  2. Rita

    Thanks Sam. ESPN has blogs too, but one has to pay for it. More and more of their content that used to be free is now charged.

    That 100 million dollars is mostly back-loaded and the no-trade clause turns into a limited trade clause in years 4-6. So it’s really not a bad deal.

    It’s better than giving an oft-injured pitcher who had an ERA of 7 in the first half of 2006, $32 million for 2 years.

  3. Sam

    Eh. That’s not my department. I’m just saying, the money these guys get now is just outrageous, and most of them arent even worth a portion of that money. Don’t get me wrong, I like Carlos Lee. I just don’t think he’s worth twice as much as the great Juan Gonzalez once got back in the mid 90’s.


    Bold indeed! Dayn Perry’s (foxsports) ranking of the Astros at no.21 did annoy me.

    I think the Indians will surprise a lot of people in 2007, but I don’t think the Padres should be so low, and I don’t believe the Braves will challenge the Mets or the Phillies this year.

  5. Rita


    If you think Lee’s $100 million for 6 years is outrageous, I shudder to think what you would say about Soriano’s $136 million for 8 years and an old, broken down, oft-injured and over the hill pitcher who got $32 million guaranteed for two years..remember, this pitcher had an ERA of 5.28 until the All Star Break last year…that’s a rather pitiful and desperate signing. Much worse than what the Astros did with giving a premier hitter in his prime $14 mil in 2007.

  6. Rita

    Maybe the Padres shouldn’t be ranked as low as I have them or the Braves as high as I have them, but, the Cardinals shouldn’t be ranked 1st in the NL Central and at 13 overall as “Homer” Perry as them ranked either.

    He’s a self-professed “Big Cardinals Fan” and for that alone, he shouldn’t be allowed to rank the NL Central. If I was writing for a major sports website/tv site/magazine, I would surely recuse myself if I had such a known bias for one team. The fact that year after year after year Dayn Perry refuses to recuse himself is a testament to his ego and stupidity and the stupidity of his East Coast readership.

  7. Rita


    Rita, i think your list needs ‘further ado'<<<

    You’re absolutely right Level…I should’ve ranked the Yankees at #20.

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