MLB Hates Kids With Cancer

That’s the message Major League Baseball sent to tens of thousands of kids today when they ordered Craig Biggio to stop wearing a quarter-sized pin on his cap.  The pin is the emblem for Biggio’s charity, "The Sunshine Kids" and he has worn it in spring training and batting practice ever since he first started the charity.  Biggio has single handedly raised over $1.8 million through his golf tournaments for cancer awareness. 

MLB doesn’t seem to care about players using steroids or managers breaking the law by getting DUIs, but they sure care about taking away hope from little children afflicted with cancer. 

What a sad day it is.  Just because Biggio doesn’t play for the Yankees, Red Sox, Mets or Cardinals.  Just because Craig Biggio has never been a controversial player.  Just because Craig Biggio is one the game’s last "good guys".  This is how they reward him…of course, I’m sure, come the day in mid-June, when Biggio gets his 3,000th hit, Bud Selig and all the other hyprocrites of MLB will be at Minute Maid Park lined up with big fake grins on their faces waiting to have their picture taken with the newest member of the 3,000 club. 

If there was any doubt that Bud Selig is a terrible, money grubbing commissioner, this is the final proof.

Added:  I encourage you to call our esteemed commissioner and let him know how you feel about this outrageous slight to one of baseball’s last "good guys."



    Biggio only wore the pin on his spring training and pre-game warm up caps. He offered baseball it’s due respect by not wearing the pin on his game cap. MLB better wake up and smell the roses. The fans OWN you, beware your arbitrary actions. He has worn the pin for 20 years,,,,
    Back off of this one Bud lest you rewrite your legacy in the final two years.


    EVERYONE needs to call AND write the MLB office. Here is the phone number: two one two nine three one seven eight zero zero. I just got off the phone with them. They are getting LOTS of calls about this. WE ALL NEED TO SUPPORT BGO NOW. If he can support the Sunshine Kids, WE can SUPPORT BGO. You go BGO. WE LOVE YOU!!!!

  3. Rita

    If anyone wants to email instead of calling try one of these two addys….bud dot selig at mlb dot com or allan dot selig at mlb dot com.


    Quit buying MLB goods to show support for Biggio. This is the only placre Selig will feel it. He doesn’t have feelings any where but in his pocket book.


    I think a little call to the congressional groupwith a suggestion that the Baseball Exemption to the Anti Trust laws is well overdue.

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