Gathering Speed

As word spreads of the gross injustice committed by Bud Selig’s office, the Sunshine Kids are getting donations from baseball fans all over the country.  ESPN and other news organizations reported this story and the Houston Chronicle’s John Lopez is blogging about it. 

One way for all Astros fans and baseball fans all over the world to protest is to email the commissioner and to call his office on Monday morning.  You can email him at and call his office at 212-931-7800.

Another way is to donate to the Sunshine Kids and wear the pin and/or yellow shirts at Opening Day.  In Houston, when Biggio leads the position players out to the field, the fans should give him a standing ovation.  There is no better way to let the Commish know he screwed up royally than to have 40,000 plus fans wearing yellow being shown on Sports Center.

This is a gathering firestorm and the longer Bud Selig and his office keep Craig Biggio from wearing the Sunshine Kids Pin, the more destructive it will be for Major League Baseball and Commissioner Selig’s image.



    I took your advice and made a donation to the Sunshine Kids. I plan to have a sign with me on Opening Day that says: “BGO you bring Sunshine to our lives!!!!!” I also called the MLB office, and wrote a letter, and sent an email. I suggested to Selig that if he did not want the Sunshine Kids to profit from their association with BGO; that when BGO hits his 3,000 hit, Selig should not be in attendance to shake BGO’s hand, because he should also not be allowed to profit from his association with BGO. I am not expecting a response from MLB. Let’s all keep up the pressure on MLB and let them feel the heat of their inane decision.

  2. Rita

    I think we should organize a movement where people wear yellow shirts on opening day and give BGO a standing ovation when he leads the position players out on the field.

    I’m going to go by The Sunshine Kids office on Monday and see what it takes to get a few thousand stickers or pins so I can pass them out outside MMP on Opening Day.

    And I’m going to blog a reminder every day until BGO gets to wear that pin again.

    And if they try to kick me out of here, I’ll sue them for breach of contract 🙂


    I don’t buy this ‘Bud Selig saved baseball’ opinion. I think he has no common sense, and should have made a lot more changes than he has. I look forward to the day when he clears his personal belongings out of the commissioners office.

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