Lidge is Broken

Like a rag doll…lifeless and limp, no two ways about it.  Hunter Pence crushed one of Lidge’s pitches out to Dallas tonight.  Has Pujols’ ball landed yet?  If it hasn’t, Pence’s ball may be joining it in orbit around Planet Earth. 

There were at least 8 hats being passed around as people put in dollar bills, paying up their bets.  Pence is good, very good, but that blast was reminiscent of Pujols in Game Five.  Now, if this was Wags against Chipper, I’d believe the "power vs. power" argument, but not from Lidge, not anymore.

I also don’t buy the platitudes of "it’s only spring training" or "he’s still working on pitches."  It’s 3 days before the regular season and no, he’s not "working on pitches" anymore.  He is going with the pitches he will use in the regular season and if the Pence homer is a harbinger of things to come, the Astros are in for a long year from Lidge.  Garner better have a very short leash on him.  If he has two bad outings in a row, he should be moved to the 7th inning and Qualls and Wheeler moved up a notch. 

If the 7th inning experiment doesn’t work, trade him, send him down to AAA, put him on the DL, anything but keep trotting him out there.  Lidge is broken and all the king’s horses and all the king’s men won’t be able to put him back together again.


  1. Rita

    Like I said on the forum, I hated to do it, but I had to cry “uncle” after tonight. Maybe a change of scenery would help him. He’s a really good guy but it’s just not working for him in Houston. Kinda like David Carr.


    I guess this is a different Hunter Pence than the one who tore up Spring Training and was proclaimed the Second Coming of Jesus by the Astros fans….


    Also..Count Jason Jennings as one of these we need to trade, cut, send down IMMEDIATELY.

    I hear Pence ripped the snot out of one of his pitches too.


    Very well said – we’re seeing the stuff he’s gonna use this season. If he doesn’t have it ironed out now, it’s probably just not going to happen. I really like Lidge, but I must agree, he’s broken… I think he needs a short leash in his early outings, and if he still can’t get it done, time so make some changes.


    OUCH! I agree that his performances can’t be blamed on spring being spring. He doesn’t have anything on his slider, and he can’t locate his fastball. Endgame? Will we see Dan Wheeler closing games in two weeks? Bring up Paul Estrada (a.k.a this years Jon Papelbon?)?

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