Wandy Gets The Loss

Good!  He deserved it.  He needs to be at double A or single A–NOT at the bigs.  For once I’m glad the Astros offense was pathetic.  0-4 start, the first since 1990.  Although I wanted this win for the team, it’s better this way.  Maybe this will open up Garner’s eyes–Wandy is no good!  Send him down! 

Tomorrow is a new day though and Roy O takes the mound.  With Oswalt and Jennings on the mound, at least the Astros will have a chance.  I bet the offense shows up tomorrow and on Sunday.  Time to take this series from the Cards and show them who’s going to win the NL Central title this year.


  1. hchmprdxjj@aol.com

    7 innings.. 4 hits.. 3 runs.

    Are you kidding when you say you wouldn’t take that from a starter?

    I know you hate Wandy and all, but the fact he pitched well tonight.. Come freaking on.

  2. Rita

    It’s the 2 hits and 2 runs Duncan drove in that bother me. Wandy always starts out good in April. That leads Garner to hang on to him thru a mediocre May and a jittery June. By this point, the Astros will have lost at least 6 or 7 games they could’ve won if Wandy wasn’t on the team at all.

  3. terrimartin@houston.rr.com

    Rita, do you have a chat room operating this year? The link I had for last year’s is a 404.

  4. hchmprdxjj@aol.com

    Oh come on. Really? He has to challenge on 2-0 with Pujols coming up and thats the problem you have?

    Seriously..If Wandy threw a no-hitter you’d find a way to complain he rubbed the baseball the wrong way.

    I’m not exactly Wandy’s biggest fan, as you well know, but if were going to get something close to that line he threw up last time..then Im for darn sure gonna take it.

  5. Rita

    He didn’t challenge Pujols…it was a ball left up high to Duncan, who’s a rather free swinger…Pujols I can understand and forgive…but not leaving a ball on the fat part of the plate to a free swinger like Duncan…

  6. hchmprdxjj@aol.com

    You decided to skip my point. The keywords are ‘Pujols COMING UP’

    The pitch was a 2-0 heater to Duncan. It was a put in it and hope because you couldnt just let Duncan have the walk and face Albert.

  7. Rita

    No, I didn’t skip your point. Point is there were 2 outs in the inning already. Kennedy and Eckstein. If he hadn’t left the ball up for Duncan, Pujols would’ve led off the 4th inning. So, no, I don’t buy the “Pujols was coming up” one iota!

  8. hchmprdxjj@aol.com

    I would have loved to see you complain if Wandy had walked Duncan and had to face Pujols…then Pujols yacked him instead.

    So when you gonna jump on so we have these arguments in real time?

  9. lnknpark8303@yahoo.com

    hey this is from the comment about how the astros handled Lidge in the offseason and how you made a little remark about a certain teams QB…..

    Hey Rita, was there a point to bring Jake in this?!?! No, im sure your a ignorant Texans fan and have become used to losing but atleast our QB can throw 3 passes without getting sacked. Also, try making it to the playoffs, or even come CLOSE before you start mkaing fun of other teams QBs.

    The Panthers are waaaaaaayyyyy better then the Texans will ever be. How many superbowls have the texans been too?!?!

    thought so

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