Double Vision

The Astros were seeing doubles at Wrigley Field for the Cubs home opener.  Starting with the lead-off double by Craig Biggio, the Astros had a total of 6 doubles in the game.  Biggio’s double was followed immediately by Burke’s double driving in the first run.  Carlos Lee, Morgan Ensberg and Luke Scott also doubled.  It was a strange day at Wrigley indeed as Adam Everett committed his 3rd error of the year and followed it up with a walk and a 2 run home that landed in the left field bleachers on a cold and windy day in Chicago. 

Wheeler got his first save in 2007 facing Matt Murton, Cesar Izturis, and Darryl Ward.  He got Murton to fly out to left, Izturis grounded out to first, and Ward lined out to Everett for the final out of the game. 

The Astros doubled their win total as well on a day the Cardinals got bad news about their ace.  Carpenter has swelling in his elbow and underwent an MRI with further tests to come.  One of the St Louis newspapers is reporting that he may be gone for a long time.  They did manage to shut out the Pirates though.


  1. Rafael

    He has to be in a situation in which he can be able to experiment without making too much damage if things go wrong, and starter is not definitely one of them. Of course, once his stuff has improved, I think they would explore all possibilities, and starting might be one of them, why not.


    Lidge is basically a two pitch guy. Mid-High 90’s 4-Seamer, and a 88-90 late breaking slider.

    You cant be a starter on only two plus pitches alone…especially with Lidge’s control issues of those pitches since late August 2005 onward.

    The fact hes adding pitches, a cutter and a 2-seamer, to try to cure what ails him leads me to wonder why someone is giving him this advice when its painfully obivious he needs to go back and focus on controlling the 97MPH Fastball, rather than tinkering with new things.

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