Lidge Demoted

And it’s about time!  It was apparent to all the fans and the media that Lidge is broken and nothing has changed from 2006 and spring training, except maybe he’s gotten worse.  Phil Garner has finally seen the light and announced that Dan Wheeler will be the new closer with Chad Qualls and Rick White setting up.  If Brad Lidge pitches at all, it’ll be in 6th or 7th inning situations.  Wheels can handle the closer role with no problems even if he doesn’t have the pure "stuff" Lidge used to have.  Wheels has the closer mentality even if his fastball doesn’t blow batters away at a 100 mph.

Good Luck Wheels and let the winning begin!



    Kind of ironic all the bad outings Lidge has had.. and hes given the boot from the closers roll after the game where he basically got the first 4 guys out.

    Of course, you wont pay attention to this because you want results. You will also ignore the two losses pinned on Qualls and Wheels, as well as the blown save each of them has already picked up in middle relief…because they have ‘the mentality’. Right?

  2. Rita

    Lidge had lost it. That was clear last year. Qualls is on shaky ground with me, but he wasn’t the closer and he isn’t being paid $5 mil plus a year either.

    Wheeler has the mental toughness that Lidge lacks. Don’t know if Qualls has it or not. Don’t want to find out either. I’m perfectly happy watching Wheeler close games for the Astros.

    Wheeler wasn’t great this afternoon, but he didn’t lose his composure and he didn’t let it affect him. He got the job done. He preserved the win for Sampson. I don’t know if Lidge would’ve been able to do that.


    I am glad that The stros finally demoted him. Just think if we did not have a big lead like the other nite against the Brewers, he would have blown another win. We cannot keep have this happening. Either send him back to the minors or when we can get rid of him and use the money on someone that will give us more.

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