Clemens has made his mind up?

Of course he won’t say that he has, not yet at any rate.  But the signs are pointing towards a return to Pinstripes–Astros Pinstripes or retirement.  I was reading an article in the Chronicle tonight talking about the minor league clubs…guess whose name popped up?  Seems like Clemens told a few Legends players and Mark Maloney of the Lexington Herald-Leader that he’ll be visiting them again in May or June "just like last year."  He also told the players not to put him on their fantasy teams just yet…

The Red Sox could use him and Yankees are in dire need of good pitching.  However, even Roger Clemens isn’t stupid enough to use the Astros minor league system as a tune up if he intends to go pitch for the Yankees or Red Sox.  Roger may have just slipped up by being too open with his son’s teammates or it was a calculated statement, maybe to see who picks it up.  Looks like Brian McTaggart of the Chronicle picked it up, but the big East Coast media types are too dumb to pay attention to a small paper like the Lexington Herald Leader. 

Tsk, tsk, ESPN, New York Times, New York Post, Boston Herald, and Boston Globe–you missed a good story…or do you have your collective heads buried in the sand in the misguided belief that what you don’t report won’t come true?

Believe it or not, the world turned round and round before the East Coast Press and will continue to do so after they become irrelevant.  So wake up East Coast Media, if you don’t want to become irrelevant, wake up and smell the coffee–Clemens is going to be wearing Astros Pinstripes or retiring.



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