Pathetic April

The Astros are 0-6 against the Pirates this season and have a pathetic record of 9-12.  Those are the two most glaring statistics of the 2007 season so far.  There are others, of course, like being near the bottom in team batting average, runs scored, etc.  Why is a team that boasts power hitters like Lance Berkman, Carlos Lee and Morgan Ensberg not able to produce runs? 

The answer is really simple and rather sad when the leader in batting average from the everyday lineup is Brad Ausmus—he of the .260 average.  The players that the Astros needed at least a decent average of .275 or over from are not performing and taking up roster space while center fielder Hunter Pence and third baseman Mark Saccomanno tear it up in AAA a mere 90 minutes north.  Berkman and Lee will come around, their current batting averages won’t last, but, they are the only two who should get a pass.  Players like Chris Burke, Morgan Ensberg, Luke Scott and Jason Lane are so pathetic right now, that something really needs to be done about them. 

The Astros really need to do an objective inventory of their 25 man roster and replace underperforming players with those from AAA who are proving they are deserving of a chance at the bigs.  My list of players that need to be traded or demoted is rather long.  But then, the string of Astros losses is rather long too.

I would trade Brad Lidge, Morgan Ensberg and Jason Lane for whatever I could get for them.  I would bring up Pence and keep Stephen Randolph on the big league roster.  Randolph is a lefty reliever who’s pitched really well in AAA so far with an ERA of 0.84 and a WHIP of 0.66; earning him a call up to Houston when Rick White was placed on the DL on April 25th.  I wouldn’t send Burke down just yet, but I would bench him or platoon him with Scott in RF. 

This is what my lineup would look like:

Biggio 2B

Pence CF

Berkman 1B

Lee LF

Lamb 3B

Scott RF



Ausmus C
















Palmeiro, Burke, Lamb, Quintero, and Munson or Mark Saccomanno.



    Everybody wants to panic. The truth is that we’re not that good a team. If everything goes perfectly for us this season, we might break 90 wins. And based on roughly 20 games, you’re advocating tearing the roster down and rebuilding. All those guys you mention that you’d like to trade would be tearing the cover off the ball down in AAA, like Pence is doing now. Bringing up rookies is OK if we’re writing off the season, but it’s way too early for that. I’m not sure how you can complain about the lineup with a straight face and then suggest your lineup that still has Biggio in the leadoff spot. If we wanted to be brutal honest, the very first rational thing to do is sit Biggio (or at the very least move him from leadoff). Based on the first few weeks, Everett is probably our best bet at leadoff if you want to just use this season’s stats.

    Probably the only guys I would seriously consider trading right now are Lidge and Jason Lane. Lidge, b/c we apparently can’t fix his mind and Lane because he of all the players has had the most legitimate shots at performing and hasn’t got it done. Everybody else, let’s give them another month when Berkman and Lee are hitting consistently and see what happens.

    And, 90 minutes from Houston to RR? The cops in Giddings must love to see you come flying thru.


    You lost me at Burke playing right. I mean..Theres a thing in baseball, commonly refered to as defense.. I hear it can be kind of important.


    I may have missed it, but I did not see Loretta anywhere on you lineup. What are your suggest they do with him then?

  4. Rita

    Hey, it’s just a suggestion…I would platoon Lamb and Loretta at 3rd…Mo needs to go unless he really starts to heat it up. Burke platooning at RF is no worse than him starting at CF…

    Let’s hope all the guys get out of their collective funk and play well.

    Good to see people commenting though. 😀

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