7 Game Skid Ends and Pence’s First MLB Hit

Sta60005_1 I was at the game tonight…what a gorgeous night for a ballgame in Houston…roof open and excitement in the air as hometown boy Chris Sampson took the mound.  Of course, the excitement wasn’t all due to Sampson’s first start at home this season, but it sure helped the atmosphere.  Most folks were dying to see what the kid from the Dallas area could do.  The kid, who found out a mere 24 hours earlier that he’d be making his MLB debut, didn’t disappoint.  After taking Bush to 12 pitches before striking out for his first major league at bat, he got hit by a pitch and singled in the 6th inning for his first major league hit. 

Sta60008 Hunter Pence arrived in Houston tonight and I believe he’s here to stay.  What does that mean for Chris Burke who lost his job to the rookie or to Morgan Ensberg who was benched in favor of Mark Loretta remains to be seen.  For right now, Astros fans are basking in the glory of a 10-1 victory against the Brewers. 

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