Pence Called Up

After wasting another quality start by Roy Oswalt and losing the 7th straight game, the Astros summoned Hunter Pence from AAA Round Rock last night.  Pence played in 22 games at Round Rock and had 29 hits, 10 doubles, 3 home runs and 19 runs batted in.  He is batting .341 with an on base percentage of .398.  Pence will make his major league debut tonight at Minute Maid Park as the starting centerfielder.  Chris Burke, for now, will be an utility player.  Lefty reliever Stephen Randolph was designated for assignment to make room for Pence on the roster. 

Just bringing up Pence isn’t going to solve the Astros offensive woes.  Phil Garner also hinted at another move–giving Mark Loretta more playing time.  He didn’t elaborate on where Loretta would play most, but, with Biggio entrenched at 2nd base until he gets his 3000 hits and Everett’s glove being deemed more valuable at short stop, realistically, the only place Loretta will see more playing time would be at 3rd base.  Does that mean Ensberg would be on the bench and Lane demoted to Round Rock?  Or are they trying to trade Ensberg who seems to have started 2007 where he left off in 2006. 

One thing is certain, by bringing up Pence at the end of April, the Astros are definitely trying to win and win now.  It will be interesting to see if a trade or two are made in the next few weeks or if we see more youngsters called up from AAA to replace underperforming millionaires.




    It will be interesting to see if a trade or two are made in the next few weeks or if we see more youngsters called up from AAA to replace underperforming millionaires.

    Like Berkamn and Lee?


    Considering their salaries, Berkman and Lee are far worse when it comes to under performing.

  3. Rita

    Difference between Berkman-Lee and Ensberg-Lane is that Berkman-Lee have a track record of excelling for more than 5 years at the MLB level. Neither Ensberg nor Lane have a track record like that…as a matter of fact, since 2003, their track record has been one of inconsistency…


    In 2003 Ensberg was better. Likewise 2005. In 2004 and 2006 Lee was better. It’s been close to a push this year. And Mo ain’t ******* up 17 mil.

  5. Rita

    Look at Lee’s #s from 2001 to 2006. Look at Berkman’s #s from 2001 to 2006.

    Now go look at ALL OF Ensberg and Lane’s #s from 2003 to 2006…Tell me how CONSISTENT Ensberg and Lane are….


    Ensberg had a better OPS in 2003 and 2005. Your boy Lee has a lower OBP this year than Craig Biggio. I mean dude’s in Adam Everett territory right now.

    Face the facts – you have 32 million dollars worth of ********* from Fat Elvis and El Nariz.

  7. Rita

    I’m not saying they aren’t ******* right now. What I am saying is that expecting those two to be terrible all season long is dumb. However, with Lane and Ensberg, one just doesn’t know what they’re going to do because they have both been really inconsistent in the big leagues so far and that makes it scary. If Ensberg or Lane had a history of consistency, I wouldn’t worry about them. But they dont. Therefore, expecting them to have a great year is unrealistic. And because Lane and Ensberg are looking like they won’t have a great year, one of them needs to go. Most likely it will be Ensberg because the Astros have options for 3rd base in Lamb and Loretta. Also, Ensberg still has trade value and I believe the Astros will trade him if they can get a #4 starter for him.

  8. Rita

    Looks like Ensberg had a leash as short as the one for Lidge and Burke…He has been benched already. A trade wouldn’t be out of the question…

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