So The King Held Court And Chose His Bride

This weekend, Sunday, 6 May 2007, during the 7th inning of the Yankees home game to be exact, King Clemens held court and chose his bride–The New York Yankees. 

In true drama queen fashion, or to use the words of John Lopez of the Houston Chronicle and 790 The Sports Animal, "Pope Roger The 22nd" pronounced his choice of team for 2007 from the owner’s box at Yankee Stadium in front of a crowd of over 55,000 people.  Good for him! 

He’s got his buddy Andy already there and other friends in Jeter, Rivera and Giambi. 

So, what does this return to the Yankees mean for Astros fans?  Not counting the lies Roger and his agents told, not much.  The Astros starting rotation isn’t in shambles like the Yankees rotation is.  Oswalt is Oswalt and the kids Wandy, Albers and Sampson are doing just fine.  Even the bullpen isn’t an issue.  Lidge is doing great in his new 6th inning role and Wheeler hasn’t blown a save yet, which is more than one can say about Mariano Rivera.

What do you mean by lies you ask?  Try this on for size:  The Hendricks brothers told both the Boston Red Sox and the Houston Astros that Roger wouldn’t be ready to even start real negotiations with anyone until 15 May 2007.  Yet, on 6 May 2007, Roger announced from Steinbrenner’s box that he would be a Yankee because he loved New York, the Yankees and their committment to getting a World Series Ring.  Umm, reality check Roger–The Red Sox are leading your precious Yankees by SIX FULL GAMES right now…THEY don’t have M.A.S.H. rejects for THEIR starting rotation and they don’t have a closer that has an ERA of over 8 either! 

The Hendricks Brothers told the media that the Astros and the Red Sox didn’t want Roger to pitch until late June or early July and that was the reason for Clemens choosing the Yankees, who said he could play in May.  RIGHT…Anyone who believes that bunch of cockamany can buy that ocean front property I have for sale in Arizona!  I know Randy Johnson’s realtor–he’ll give you a great price I promise! 

Both the Astros and Red Sox management report that Randy Hendricks told them Roger wouldn’t even THINK about making a decision before 15 May 2007.  The last time the Astros spoke to Randy Hendricks was 2 weeks ago and those were very preliminary discussions.  No real contract details were exchanged because the Astros thought Clemens wasn’t even ready to talk to them yet.  Rumors were bandied about by the Hendricks Brothers that Houston refused to give Roger his "Freedom Clause".  Drayton McLane, the Astros owner said on Tuesday, 8 May that they never got to that stage of discussions.  There were no "negotiations" with Roger’s agents at all. 

The Red Sox organization talked to the Hendricks Brothers last week.  They reportedly offered $18 million per year, pro-rated for Roger’s services.  They never heard from the Hendricks Brothers again until the deal with the Yankees was already done.  Then, to add insult to injury, the Hendricks Brothers and Roger Clemens publicly stated that Roger wanted to get another World Series Ring and that is why he signed with the Yankees. 

Any fan of baseball knows that the Red Sox have the best shot at getting a ring this year from the three teams competing for his services.  The Astros have not been scoring runs–a problem that’s plagued them for the last 3 years and no one can blame Clemens for being hesitant to sign because of lack of run support by the Astros.  But, whoever thinks that the Yankees have a better chance at winning the World Series than the Boston Red Sox, who currently lead ROGER AND ANDY’S YANKEES BY A FULL 6 GAMES is either a Clemens/Pettitte/Hendricks family member or "a mo.ron" to quote Lance Berkman. 

The Yankees have gone through 10 different starters because of injuries to the entire rotation save Pettitte.  Their $46 MILLION man, Kei Igawa has been sent disgracefully to AAA.  Their bullpen consists of rejects from other teams like Mike Myers of the Red Sox, Kyle Farnsworth (Farnsworth=Game Tying HR to Brad Ausmus, NLDS 2005) and the 2007 version of Brad Lidge 2006 in Mariano Rivera (ERA of 8.44). 

Sure, Roger, that bullpen is going to hold and save games for you when you leave after 5 innings…who are you trying to fool?  We all know that last year you couldn’t go more than 5 or 6 innings and you couldn’t even get through 3 1/2 months without falling apart in September–remember you had a delayed and a missed start in Sept 06?  What makes you think you’ll be able to pitch an extra month being a year older than you were last year?   

And don’t even talk about the playoffs.  We know how your body didn’t hold up in Game 7 against the Cardinals in 2004 or Game 1 against the White Sox in 2005.  The cold gets to you and time gets to you…what makes you think this year with the Yankees will be any different than previous Octobers with the Astros?

So the King has chosen his Bride.  What will the King do when his Beautiful Princess turns out to be an ugly toad?



    There is absolutely no point to this trash blog except for the opportunity to take a cheap shot at Roger with the infamous “Bronxback Mountain”. It would do you a lot of good to learn a little about baseball before producing garbage such as this!


    Yawn. Rita.. You do realize that Roger wasnt going to be an Astro when Andy Pettitte was gone, right? It was a race between the Yankees, and well..The Yankees. If you want to make stupid jokes and whatever about Roger and Andy..keep something in mind. The only reason we had Roger Clemens for 3 years was the signing of Andy Pettitte in the first place. There was no other reason.

    The Yankees find themselves in a great position now. Chein-Ming Wang and Mussina are off the DL.. In addition to Pettitte and now Roger, they’ll get super-prospect Phillip Hughes (You know..the kid who was throwing 7 no hit innings in Arlington in his major league debut) in 2 months. Their rotation is setting up nicely for the last half of the season, taking pressure off an average bullpen (which will probably get an arm or two acquired to help) with that loaded offense.

    As far as Roger not giving Boston or Houston a ‘Chance’…Well there was no chance. There was no reason for Roger to go to either of those clubs. But if you want to know the real and honest reason behind Roger signing now and not at his ‘deadline’ is he was waiting for New York to break down and give him his deal. With the Yanks reeling a week ago, New York finally caved and gave Roger the same deal he would have got in Houston, plus afew million more for good measure. Once Roger got what not only what he wanted, but an offer NOBODY would match.. There was no reason to drag it out anymore.

    You really should consider becoming alittle bit more “objective” if you really want to be this writer you want to be. Ripping on any and everyone who goes against what you believe is really getting dumb, and I mean this honestly and as your friend.

  3. Rita

    Hey, this is an OPINION blog. I get to have an opinion just like you do and mine counts more because it’s my blog. This happens to be my opinion.

    As for the pics of Roger in the Pope Hat, or the BronxBack Mountain pic, if you don’t like it, you don’t have to look at this blog. It’s no skin off my nose. 😀


    You are correct that it is your blog and you are entitled to your opinion. The bottom line is that this catering and attention to Roger has gotten old and wore out it’s welcome. I do believe he was a tremendous asset to the Astros and brought invaluable veteran presence to the pitching staff.


    Funny stuff. Why don’t you Roger lovers get your yankee pinstripes out of the closet too? Go astros


    Rita, would you rather me not read or not respond anymore? If thats what you want me to do….

    I know its your opinion. I gave you my ‘Opinion’. And my opinion is you rip anyone and everyone you’re not in love with regardless of if they deserve it. I didnt hear a peep from you while Burke dragged along that .230 average with average at best defense in center.. but when Lidge threw a ball you were up in arms about it.


    Hey Rita, sorry I haven’t commented for a while, my computer wouldn’t let me leave comments for some reason. Sometimes I really dislike some Yankee fans.
    Cashman should have been ringing the Nationals not the Clemens’. “Setting up nicely” is not how I would describe the Yankees rotation.

    Enjoy your commentary as usual.

  8. Rita

    Josh, what does Burke or Lidge or Lane or anyone else have to do with Clemens and his lies?

    Stay on track dude 😀

    Hey Astrobrit–good to hear from ya again!

  9. Rita

    >>>Come on Rita… that pic is terrible.. funny, but terrible =)

    -Stros Bro<<<

    Hey, the guys at 790 thought it was appropriate as did I. It’s a parting shot at a stupid decision by Clemens.

    BTW, you might want to check the W/L record between our beloved Stros and the Evil Empire–guess who’s doing better in the standings?

    Peace, Love and Giggity 😀

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