El Caballo and The Hunter

Were really all the Astros needed to win their first game at Minute Maid Park against the Giants in many years.  The last few years, Barry Bonds and his Giants have owned the Astros at home sweeping them last year.  Not only did Barry not get a homerun in the "Juice Box", his team lost the game in the late innings courtesy of two clutch homeruns by the two newest Astros–Hunter Pence’s 2 run shot to the famed Crawford Boxes tied the game in the 8th inning and El Caballo, Carlos Lee’s towering shot ended it in the bottom of the 10th inning.

Those in the media and around Houston who doubted Carlos Lee’s signing for a huge contract and ability to deliver clutch hits should be silenced by now.  The Astros have quietly snuck back to a .500 record and are now only 5.5 games behind the Milwaukee Brewers—yes those same Brewers who just the other day led the Astros by 8 games. 

The Brewers played more home games than any other NL team and they played teams they were supposed to walk all over.  This week started a long road trip for them against the better teams in the league and they are showing the ****** in their armor.  There was no way the Brew Crew could sustain the success of the past 6 weeks. 

Ann Wilson of the rock band Heart had a great line in the early ’80s–Even It Up.  Well, this road trip for the Brew Crew and concurrent homestand for the Astros should even things up quite nicely.  At the end of this month, the real leader of the NL Central will be revealed.  May it be the Houston Astros.

One comment

  1. hchmprdxjj@aol.com

    Sorry. Were not going to be leading anything the way this club has been hitting.

    Sean Berry might be one of the worst hitting coaches Ive ever seen. Why couldnt we have hired outside the organization (like we did with Dave Wallace, whos doing a wonderful job with the entire staff)?

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