White on DL, Munson Called Up

The Astros placed RHP Rick White on the 15 day DL again after tonight’s game and called up Catcher Eric Munson.   Munson currently has .285 batting average with some pop in his bat.  Let’s see if Munson can get any playing time on the big league club.  If they just leave him to warm the bench and keep trotting out Mr. No hit and Mr. No more hits in Ausmus and Quintero, they just wasted a roster spot. 

The Astros really need to address some problem areas they seem to be turning a blind eye to right now.  The "see no evil, hear no evil, read no evil" attitude is really starting to wear thin.  Palmeiro, Lane, Ensberg, Everett, Moehler, and Quintero really need to be OFF the club.  Bringing in Munson is a start, but only a small one.  Burke is apparently injured, but there’s nothing stopping the Astros from bringing up Bruntlett, Saccomanno, Conrad, or Jonathan Ash.  None of those guys could do any worse than Lane, Ensberg, Quintero, Palmeiro and Everett have done so far.  Let’s see if Conrad or Ash can adapt to playing short.  They can’t hit any worse than the WORST offensive player in the MLB today can they?  I bet not.  As for Saccomanno, I know nobody could be a worse hitting 3rd baseman than Ensberg is right now, so give the kid a chance and save the team nearly $5 mil in dead weight and head case salary.

Trade Lidge while you can in a package to obtain the guy with the longest last name in MLB history from the Braves.  The Braves would trade Saltalamacchia for Lidge and Patton or Lidge, Gutierrez and Estrada.  Do the deal.  Although it would really hurt to lose Patton, gaining Salty would more than make up for it.  Once you get Salty, play him 4 days a week and relegate Ausmus to catching Oswalt only if you want this team to have even half a chance at getting to the playoffs again.

Drayton, under your ownership, since 1997, this club has missed the playoffs 2 years in a row ONLY ONCE.  Let’s not make it TWICE.

One comment

  1. hchmprdxjj@aol.com

    You would really trade Lidge and Patton for Salty? Really? Are you crazy?

    The guy has hype of a pretty swing and the results of ONE minor league season in A ball of success.

    McCann? Yes. Salty? No.

    PS Im glad your back to trading Lidge. I mean its always a great idea to take your best strength and kill it to barely help in some other area.

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