Burke Recalled, Lane Optioned to Round Rock

Burke Right after Sunday afternoon’s game, the Astros general manager Tim Purpura addressed the media to announce infielder/outfielder Chris Burke had been recalled and outfielder Jason Lane had been optioned to Class AAA Round Rock.

Burke had been hitting .308 for Round Rock in the last 10 days.  Jason Lane who was the final out in today’s 10th inning loss against the Cardinals was batting a miserable .165 which led to his demotion. 

This move, coupled with Eric Munson’s callup after Friday night’s loss is a start to righting the Astros ship.  There are still holes that need to be filled though and dead weight that needs to be thrown overboard.

Orlando Palmeiro, Morgan Ensberg, Brian Moehler and Humberto Quintero are still occupying roster spots on the big league club.  Quintero may not have been placed on waivers this past week for fear of the Cardinals picking him up, but, now that they’ve got themselves a backup catcher in Kelly Stinnett, the Astros can relax and send Quintero down to AAA.

Earlier today, Purpura also told Astros radio announcer Milo Hamilton on the weekly chat with the GM that the team is in transition and he’s looking at trades although he doesn’t expect to have any major news until late June or early July on that front.  He had alluded to internal moves and we’ve seen the first one made.


  1. Thomas

    Glad to see Burke back, sad to see Lane go. I’m not real sure we’ll ever see Lane up with the Astros again… he’s just been too bad for too long… We’ll see though.

    Hopefully Burke can get some more playing time and produce now that he’s back with the big club… I just hope he doesn’t try too hard and get himself into a groove like Berkman’s in. Speaking of Berkman; hopefully he’ll start hitting now that his buddy is back.

    -Stros Bro


  2. Rita

    Yeah, Lane got his chance and couldn’t do anything with it. Burke better get something similar to Loretta playing time. Platoon him in right with Scott, a bit in left when Lee needs a day off, second at least 1 day a week. Give him halfway regular playing time and he can help.

    It would be funny if Berkman suddenly gets going in Colorado now that Burke’s back wouldn’t it?

    I’m for anything that gets the Big Puma’s bat going like it should be.

  3. hchmprdxjj@aol.com

    Nice to see Chris back up with the big club….but uhh.. I would have rather seen Bruntlett.

    The one thing Lane could do was actually play defense in the corners. Chris Burke can not play an average Right Field, and he wasn’t exactly great in Center either.

    Eric can do that. Heck, you look at the Astros starting 8 most nights, and Eric is the best defensive player we have at 6-7 positions.

  4. Rita

    I like Bruntlett’s versatility and defense, however, he is NOT an offensive upgrade over Burke. That is why Burke is on the 25 man roster–his offense and the fact that the Astros are getting desperate.

  5. hchmprdxjj@aol.com

    I know WHY they brought him up… and thats because the front office has no clue. And hes one of “Purp’s Boyz”.

    I dont really see how a guy who hit .236 when you sent him down is such a huge offensive upgrade when he will be ON THE BENCH (because you cant start him everyday in RF..and if they do I might just boycott the team).

  6. royosfan@aol.com

    I’m never happy to see a player sent down to RR. I hope Lane gets to play and improves his swing. I hope he returns to the Astros strong or that he gets picked up by another team. But you don’t get better or fix your problems sitting on the bench. If you don’t get a chance to play everyday, you just keep on the downward spiral. I wish Lane all the best.

  7. Rita

    Lane was more of a “Purp Boy” than Burke ever was, so that argument doesn’t work. As to why Burke’s .236 is an offensive ugrade, it’s MOST DEFINITELY an upgrade over .165……there’s no arguing that one either. You don’t have to like the moves they made, but you do have to accept them because you can’t change them.

  8. Rita

    Yeah, I hope Lane gets traded this season or gets picked up by another team next season because I believe they will non-tender him. I hope he can get a fresh start somewhere else and have a good career. I wish him the best too.

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