Berkman, Garner Tossed, Astros Win!

All the frustrations of a miserable season so far boiled over tonight for Lance Berkman.  He got called out on strikes in the 8th inning and he lost it.  He charged the umpire and he got tossed.  Taking a cue from Phil Garner, Lance tossed his hat and even a backpack out of the dugout and onto the field.  A few minutes later, Manager Phil Garner got himself tossed when Carlos Lee got hit by a pitch and had some words with the Rockies reliever.  Garner came out and soon enough, he was tossed too. 

As usual, with Garner gone, Cecil Cooper took over as manager and as has been the case most times in the last 3 seasons whenever Cooper is managing the team, the Astros won.

Hopefully this is a repeat of 2004 and 2005 where the Astros were having a terrible slump and controversial calls and fights led to the Astros using it as a turning point in their season.  In 2004 it was Oswalt and Barrett getting into a fight in Chicago, in 2005 it was Biggio getting hit by a pitch and then denied first base in San Francisco.  Here’s hoping Berkman getting tossed leads to similar results and a return to the playoffs.

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