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New Pitching Coach?

"Meanwhile, Purpura confirmed Monday that former Red Sox pitching coach Dave Wallace is a candidate to become the Astros’ pitching coach. His contract wasn’t renewed at season’s end by Boston. "

When I first read this in the Chronicle, at the end of a pretty lengthy article full of the usual, I thought it said "former REDS" coach…now, before you go slamming me, remember, this would be the same REDS coach who even with a totally revamped bullpen ended up 2 games BEHIND the Stros at the end of the season….Still, it’s good to hear it’s the Red Sox coach–not that I believe he can be much better (oh, Tim P…the ONLY RED SOX/ASTROS experiment that ever worked out in our favor was that Jeff Bagwell for Larry Andersen thing and that was long before your tenure. The Jury’s still out on the "Trading Everetts" shell game that your old boss Jerry H. played.) 

If Purpura really wanted to improve the young guns, he’d have gone after Leo Mazzone or Dave Duncan–but, that’s just my two cents worth…Tim P gets paid a whole lotta money to make these decisions–I just pay to bloviate.